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May 20, 2011

Whew! Two weeks after returning from China, I finally finished all the back-dated entries I had to write post-trip (I thank that iPhone-stealing bastard).  As I did with my previous trip abroad, I’m creating a static index page listing all the entries in chronological order for ease of navigating.

Before I do that though, I’d like to point out something rather intriguing….

Self-Fullfilling Prophecies

All of the entries are back-dated post-trip EXCEPT for two.  That would be the first two entries (of course the two entries that I had written prior to my iPhone being nabbed). Now what is interesting about the FIRST entry (dated April 23, 2011)  is I had logged this statement:

“As all adventures of epic exploration into uncharted territories of mystic mountains and deep hidden valleys, it began with bad luck, and haze, lots of both.”

At this point in the trip the only “bad luck” I/we had, had so far was the realization that I had forgot to pack my underwear and the only “haze” we’d seen thus far was in Shanghai. Chris and Alissa have accused me of jinxing the remainder of the trip.  Let’s catalog all the bad events that happened:

  • I forgot to pack my underwear
  • My iPhone was stolen
  • Chris destroyed his Nikon’s sensor with dust and smear blobs
  • My shoe broke mid-hike
  • We got lost in Kunming for over an hour trying to find a bank and spent another hour trying to change money
  • Chris got very ill, surmised he got bronchitis (though I think it was just a very bad cold)
  • Bad weather plus Chris being ill meant we had to forgo our planned 2-day trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • We visited Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on the only day when you couldn’t see the mountain
  • I got a mild cold and then suffered heat exhaustion complete with the chills and a fever
  • The bluest, clearest day of our entire trip was the day we left Yunnan on an 8am flight
  • Alissa got an extremely bad case of food poisoning
  • Chris and I both got sick post-trip (me with a cold, he with a liver infection)

This is not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy my trip, just that the moral of the story is: Do not post self-fulling prophecies, even as a joke!


The List of Entries

Okay, now on with the list!

All South China photos have also been uploaded to my Photobucket Account under my World Travel Index. Sub-folders will appear on the right side organized by city/area.  I’ve also edited and uploaded my favorite photos to my Flickr account.

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