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August 21, 2011

“You’re going WHERE?!” was the response most people gave me when I said I was traveling to Tohoku.  Well I shall defend it as such: 1) It was the last region of Japan I hadn’t visited, 2) the Great Tohoku Earthquake was several months ago and the region had rebounded and was encouraging tourism to help rebuild its economy, and 3) we weren’t going anywhere near the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant’s exclusion zone (more on that later) .

But that’s not what this post is about.

So prior with meeting Dawna and Wendy for this vaunted Tohoku trip,  another friend of mine, Zung, and I had gone gallivanting in Osaka.  The previous day we had fun watching uniformed high school boys labor under Japan’s sweltering heat chasing balls at Hanshin Koshien station for the chance to be crowned high school baseball Koshien champions.  This was followed by a relaxing afternoon in Osaka’s 7-story spa and water park called Spa World.  After a good night’s sleep in a capsule hotel in Namba, I said goodbye to Zung and wondered how on earth I was going to spend the rest of my time in Osaka.  Then I discovered that Mandarake, a chain doujinishi store, had a branch near Umeda Station.  What ensued was a search that seriously rivaled Luffy’s elusive journey for One Piece…

To: undisclosed recipient

[3:43 PM] Argh… I’ve spent the last hour wandering around in the rain trying to this damn manga store… oh no, my phone is gonna d….

[4:50 PM] Great so I found an internet cafe cause my phone died… had to plug the darn thing in.  Thank god I brought my charger.  Been here for an hour looking up the maps again.  Blasted Googlemaps.  Now I am trying to find the store again…

[5:15 PM] Yay I found the store! ^___^

[6:21 PM] I’ve been in this store for almost two hours…

[7:48 PM] Just left… I bought too much stuff!! ;_;

[7:50 PM] Yeah so I ended up buying too much doujinshi… I found out i twas Osaka’s largest branch.  Spent 3 hurs there.  Some of it is for a friend though.  But it’s heavy! What am I going to do?! I haven’t even made it to Tohoku yet!! ^^;;

[8:00 PM] Good idea.  I was also thinking of sending it by post.  6,700 yen worth of doujinshi! Whaa!  I’m at Tokyo Soup Stock righ now.  Think I will go straight to the capsule hotel.  I don’t want to spend more money “window-shopping” in Namba. >.<

Moral of the story: Never leave me alone in the rain, in a huge city that potentially has a huge manga store nearby…Also, never underestimate said determination to find said store.

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