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August 24, 2011

When you dream, do you remember it? Are you involved in your dreams? Are you the main character? Or are you a silent observer watching the events unfold?  Most of you would say the former, or not remember them at all.  I’m no different from you, and most of my dreams I either don’t remember or full of discombobulating images taken from distant memories or current situations I’ve been stressing about.  But every once in a while I get that strange dream where I am not an actor and witnessing things in the 3rd person.  These dreams have a stream of characters, a plot and a climax.  More often than not, they involve some popular Japanese anime I love.   The last time I had one of these dreams was probably back in 2003, when I dreamed of the great Bishonen Anime Tournament (no kidding) featuring characters from Gravitation, Full-Metal Alchemist, and .Hack (among others). Previously I’ve dreamed about Ronin Warriors (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers), Clamp’s X/1999, Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kruez, and various fantasy-esque themes.  This time, the main characters were from Gundam Seed (finally! I was wondering when I’d get a Gundam Seed dream!).

I woke up in a Tohoku Inn at around 5:30am in Aomori with the vestiges of the dreams lingering but fading quickly.  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to grab a pencil and pad and record it rather than go back to sleep.  The following is what I can make up my hastily scribbled writing.  I take no responsibility for the workings of my deranged mind during the cycles of REM.

Begin Dream Sequence

Somewhere out in the space an advanced civilization blew themselves in a supernova-type explosion that not only took away their planet but their own solar system.  The explosion was caused by an A.I. system code-named “Mainframe.”  Mainframe was meant to ease life for this advanced civilization, but instead it took over all of their computer and weapon systems and destroyed everything for reasons that are still unknown.  At the time, a fragment of an opposing A.I. system attempted to save some their species by preserving some children in a lab in suspended animation.  The lab is transported during the explosion to a distant, primitive planet (atmosphere present, but very basic lifeforms).  Following the transportation, the back-up systems fail and only a few of  the children end up waking up (unclear what happened to the rest). The fragment A.I. creates hologram adults to take care and educate the children.  The holograms explains the cycle of humanity.

Primitive  > Society > War/conflict > Peace > Death

They explain that the longest part of history is the “war/conflict” stage.  This is followed by the shortest stage, “peace” which is in turn followed by an apocalyptic ending.   Eventually the hologram teachers reveal what happened to their society and home solar system and why the program saved them.  The kids also realize that the “people” taking care of them aren’t real.  The children are in shock.

One of the children, Kira, says, “We’re supposed to re-populate our species?”

Cagalli frowns, “But how long would that take?”

Athrun chimes in, “Well it takes a couple billion years to create a planet with an atmosphere, then another couple billion to create sustainable life.  Just look at this planet we’re on now.  It barely has any kind of life at all. We can’t keep living here.”

Lacus nods, “I agree.  But what about that other planet they were talking about… E….A…R….T…H….? They’ve been studying it and it’s already 4.5 billion years old with sustainable life.”

Athrun becomes excited, “Hey! What if we go to Earth?!”

Kira shakes his head, “But there’s things there already….”

Athrun is adamant, “We can’t stay here anyway.  Don’t you think it’s a little unreasonable to repopulate with just the few of us?  And this planet will take too long to be livable.  I think it’s better to integrate with another species.”

Kira sighs, “I guess you’re right…”

The kids proceed to ask the holograms how they can go to Earth.  One of the hologram teachers asks the kids for a sample of their blood to scan and a simple written wish of what they want to do on Earth.  The wish was a fail-safe mechanism wired into the children’s personality in the event their main memories were erased.  The holograms then instructs the kids to load into the machines to be frozen asleep again while they are transported.  At the last moment as the children are about to be launched, a fragment of Mainframe finds them and interferes.  The kids are still transported but in different places and with their memories erased.  Mainframe also wipes out the opposing A.I.

On Earth, the children are found and raised normally by different families (albeit as prodigies) until one day they start remembering their past lives and begin seeking each other out….

[  20 Years Later…  ]

Meanwhile, some countries have begun experimenting with advanced A.I. technology.  Lacus, working as a doctor, becomes suspicious when simple every-day utilities become unavailable.  Rather than rely on technology, people must start doing things by hand because of programs going periodically rogue.  She begins to have flashbacks and she begins to recall the holograms and what happened to her home planet. She suspects that Mainframe may be coming back.  And the person attempting to bring it back could be Athrun….

The children (minus Athrun) reconvene and recall what their hologram teachers said about the cycle of humanity.  They are currently in an era of peace.  They decide they to stop Athrun and Mainframe.

* Athrun’s wish was “preserve peace.” He initially wanted to defy the cycle of humanity.  He wanted the “peace” stage to last forever and not just vanish in an instant like the hologram said.  However, when his memory was erased, only this “wish” remained to guide him.  This resulted in him tying to bring Mainframe back and thus repeat the mistakes of his forefathers.  It’s implied that Athrun was only able to remember bits and pieces of his past, unlike the others who were able to recall everything. Lacus’s wish was “Heal” which is why she became a doctor.  Kira’s wish was “Protect others.”

End Dream Sequence


Upon post-reflection, I realized the main plot of this dream comes from a very old manga I read back in my university days called, “Please Save My Earth.”  In this manga, 7 “alien” researchers are sent to the moon to observe Earth.  During their research, their home planet is destroyed, leaving the seven as the last of their people.  They later all contract a deadly disease.  The lead researcher (and main love interest) Mokuren suggests they reincarnate on Earth.  The key is they have die natural deaths or they can’t reincarnate.  After they reincarnate, they would live normal lives as human beings until their memories begin to resurface and they would seek each other out. One-by-one, they die off until only three are left.  Shukaido, jealous that Mokuren chose Shion over him, develops a vaccine for the disease but it can only be used on one person.  Shukaido choose to give it to Shion, so that Shion would live on while Shukaido and Mokuren would reincarnate (and thus finally be together).  This caused Shion to live for 7 years alone and in rage on the moon base (because he was unable to take his own life).  When he was finally reincarnated, his personality was already twisted by revenge and he set about plans to destroy the Earth while the others tried to reconcile and stop him.

It took me a while to remember this manga.  And it’s even crazier that I was able to remember it enough to integrate it my dream.  Freaky huh? Hmmm  I should turn this into a fan-fiction….

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