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January 19, 2014

When was the last time I updated this blog? ….. Yeah I thought so. Well I finally decided that I would get off my butt and finally attend an anime convention again! The last U.S. one I attended was Anime Expo in 2007 (the last Japanese one was Comiket in 2011 but that one doesn’t count. ^^). And conventions mean…. COSPLAY!

I’m mostly listing this for the purposes of reference and sharing with my fellow “con-spirators” (see what I did there? XD). Let’s see if I’m actually able to finish all these…..


Wendy – Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is one of the top mangas that I am following right now, and even though there are a ton of amazing female characters with amazing costumes (see: Erza), I decided that Wendy was the one I would be able to pull off the best (read: I don’t do sexy well). The fact that I would be able to use my normal hair (in the anime her hair is dark blue but since I started reading the manga first I always associated Wendy with black hair) sealed the deal. Her dress is just too cute. A couple of years ago I found some amazing green plaid/black square fabric in Korea that I’m just dying to use for her. This one seems the mostly likely of the three costumes I’ve listed here that I will actually finish.

Ranka Lee – Macross Frontier

I’ve been wanting to do a Ranka costume for a while now. She’s just got the most adorable costumes! It was hard for me to narrow the choices down, but I finally decided I would stick with her normal yellow/orange civilian clothing (picture 1) or a modified version (picture 2). I’ve been told I look decent in yellow and it will be nice to make a costume outside of my usual pinks, purples, and light blues.

Elsa, The Snow Queen – Disney’s Frozen

Elsa wasn’t even on my radar. I just saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Even though I loved her costume I wasn’t even thinking of cosplaying her. That is, till a friend said she REALLY wanted to do a Frozen cosplay group and she REALLY wanted to do Anna. Not sure how well a 5 foot, black haired, Asian girl is going to pull this off but, oh well, CHALLENGED ACCEPTED.

At first I thought the costume would be fairly simple (okay well not “simple” but moderately difficult like my Lacus wedding gown costume). At first glance, the dress doesn’t look that difficult- a sleeveless evening dress with a slit up the right side with a light blue chiffon train. I was thinking of using sky blue satin for the base and put a layer of shimmery light blue chiffon over it to give it that crystal ice look (the same way I did my Lacus gown). The bodice was a little more sparkly so I thought I would be able to get away with using some extra sparkly/rhinestone sky blue chiffon. However, after hours spent in research I realized that doing Elsa’s gown “correctly” is going to take some SERIOUS skill and dedication.

Upon closer inspection, I didn’t realize her bodice was actually full of rectangular beads/sequins (picture above). After scouring threads on google, I realized the best way to get this look is to hand sew rectangular sequins (in varying colors of light blue, seafoam, clear, and silver). Wait, HAND-SEW?! Oh shit…

Furthermore, her train isn’t just a long piece of shimmering chiffon.  There is actually a very complicated snowflake design going on. The above picture is from a deviantart artist, katinka0921, who painstakingly drew out the design to help out her fellow Elsa cosplayers. Possibilities for this part range from stenciling with fabric glue and glitter, recreating the snowflakes by gluing on individual rhinestones, or using stencils and fabric spray paint. *crying buckets of tears*

All told (including the Elsa wig that most cosplayers recommend, which retails for around $60), doing this costume right will probably cost me around 200-300 dollars and maybe 3 months, depending on how hardcore I work on it. So I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to get this done by Sakura-con, but I really love the challenge! It’s about on the same level as my World of Warcraft – Faith – Blood Elf cosplay I did in 2007 (that one also required stenciling and painting, plus some ridiculous patterning for both the skirt and bodice).

Oh and this is all good training for the costume I REALLY want to do… which is DEFINITELY not getting done for Sakura-con….. *cue drum roll*

Naendryle, Twilight Arbor & Sylvari Cultural T2 – Guild Wars 2

If you think Elsa is bad, my darling sylvari elementalist takes the cake for hardest cosplay ever. Don’t worry. This one isn’t getting done anytime soon. It’s just on my wish list. Maybe in about a couple years I’ll be able to pull this one off…..

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